Crowdfunding the BlackSwan UAV
A team of Curtin Mechatronics students who graduated from Curtin’s 2014/15 Accelerate program have developed an innovative new drone design. The BlackSwan UAV combines the range and efficiency of fixed-wing, unmanned aircraft with the manoeuvrability of a hovering multirotor system. The team are seeking your help to build and fly their drone.

The BlackSwan is a unique UAV designed to combine the benefits of both the multirotor and fixed wing systems. Through the use of four powerful EDF (Electric Ducted Fan) engines, the BlackSwan has the ability to take off and land vertically whilst also being able to travel at high speeds horizontally, carrying payloads of up to a whopping 6kg!

It is clear that drones are becoming more and more popular as we move through this era of technology, however we believe there is a gap between the typically smaller commercial UAVs and the larger industrial drones. We’ve designed the BlackSwan to be the perfect fit between them both.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: curtin.hubbub.net

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