“You’re going to stink at this, Danielle. You’re not good at science or math, remember?” I wasn’t supposed to hear this whispered insult, but I did.

It was a gray morning, and I was visiting an all-girls charter school in the heart of the city of Rochester. I had just introduced our Martha Madison physical science video games to the class.

The mere mention of the word science created an instant buzz, and it wasn’t a positive one.

The girls in this eighth-grade class, all age 13, and all from low-income households, had already shown me in earlier surveys that they were losing faith in their own abilities. Most indicated that they not only performed poorly in math and science, but actively disliked both subjects.

Source: info.secondavenuelearning.com

As teachers and parents – your expectations and gendered views of work and learning have a huge impact on the future of equity for women.


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