Onion Omega

Omega is an invention platform for the Internet of Things. It comes WiFi-enabled and supports most of the popular languages such as Python and Node.JS. Omega makes hardware prototyping as easy as creating and installing software apps.

Hardware Specs

Better, Faster, Stronger

Dimensions: 28mm x 42mm

OS: OpenWRT Linux

Processor: 400MHz


Flash: 16MB

Wireless: 802.11 b/g/n

Ports: 18 GPIO

Language: Python, Node.JS, PHP, Ruby, Lua and more…

The Dock

Since the Omega is so compact, it can be hard to work with. That’s why we have designed the Dock that exposes commonly used interfaces, such as USB, power supply, RGB LED, push buttons and makes it easy to connect accessories to the Omega. Simply plug the Omega in and start hacking!

The Arduino Shield Dock

And what happens if you want to use your existing Arduino shields with the Omega? Have no worry, we have made an Arduino Shield Dock so you can just plug in your Arduino shields and get to work!


There are a lot of features we wanted to put into the Omega that simple would’t fit, so we built them as expansion modules that can be added to any Omega-based project.

Ethernet Expansion

Relay Expansion

OLED Expansion

And just in case you are wondering… Yes, the expansion modules are stackable!

Source: onion.io


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