What is a virtual world?

A place that you can come together with your class to hold discussions in an engaging, fun format.

How many students can join a world?

Edorble currently supports up to 10 students in a world at the same time.

Who can hear me talking?

Sound works in Edorble just like it does in the real world – you can hear anyone that is close to you.

How do I access the settings?

You can access the settings menu in Edorble by hitting the Escape button on your keyboard.

What can I do in Edorble?

Hold online discussions, break into small groups, give a lecture, hold online office hours, or do some role-playing activities. Have fun!

What gestures are available?

You can press R to raise your hand, press T to sit down, and use the arrow keys to move your avatar around.

I hear an echo. What can I do?

Use headphones to get rid of the echo and have the best experience talking with others in Edorble.

What’s the cost?

There is no cost to create and use a virtual world for your class!

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.edorble.com

Are Virtual Worlds in education making a comeback?  Small scale virtual spaces compared to how we were playing about 10 years.  Perhaps a more predictable space and easier management will entice educators back to this space.

See on Scoop.itAugmented, Alternate and Virtual Realities in Higher Education


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