Jessie’s mom arrived at an elementary enrollment open house with a full record from the Montessori school she had attended for five years. The profile included competency-levels across all subject areas, pages of rich narrative describing her work habits and social-emotional factors, demonstrations of mastery, a record of participation in additional services like her weekly work with a speech-language pathologist and personal insights from her teachers on her strengths and weaknesses across the curriculum over her five years in the school.

Daniela arrives a month after school starts. Her mother, who speaks little English, indicates she completed third grade in another state but she does not have contact information.  

Consider the advantage Jessie’s new teachers have with access to such rich and detailed information, they will be equipped to personalize her learning from day one. Unfortunately most students enroll in US schools like Daniela with little or no information about their academic journey. Some quick diagnostic tests can help but it would be far better if every student benefited from a rich portable education record.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: gettingsmart.com

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