For it’s second year, iThrive is partnering with Games4Health to invite gaming and health teams from across the globe to develop games that strengthen adolescent well-being through digital game applications of empathy.

The contest is open to developers worldwide, with no entry fee. Each team must contain at least one student; games must be digital and available to play on the web, and in English.

During the competition, iThrive experts will provide guidance to competing teams on empathy, and how its elements may be applied to transformational games for adolescents. iThrive and the Sorenson Center are assembling a team of well-known game developers and youth development experts to judge the contest.

Winners and finalists of the iThrive Empathy Challenge will qualify for additional mentoring and support throughout the spring and summer to prepare them for potential display in iThrive’s “Psyched Up” Arcade, which will have a presence at multiple respected gaming conferences. This support will include mentoring from experts in psychology and game development, ongoing diverse playtesting, promotional support by iThrive partners, and coaching for entrepreneurs who wish to commercially release their products as tools that build positive emotional capacity in adolescents.

The iThrive Initiative, in partnership with PegBoard, is pleased to offer developers free access to PegBoard tools with which to strengthen their empathy games. Please see our contest materials for more information and visit https://pegboard.io/

Submissions for the iThrive Empathy Challenge are due March 11th 2016, and winners will be announced March 31, 2016.

Click here to register! https://g4h.business.utah.edu

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