As some of you know, Rational Games, Inc. is not only a negotiation training and consulting company, but a social business as well. Every year, we make small grants to support innovative projects that make creative use of games and play to resolve conflict. I want to tell the story of one of those on this month’s blog.

One of our longstanding strategic partners, Search for Common Ground, approached us several years ago with the idea of creating a video game to support peacebuilding efforts: for teenagers in Lebanon! Since Hezbollah is reportedly using video gaming to promote their agenda amongst children and youth, why not turn the tables and employ this powerful medium to teach kids young people the value of peace?   And so, in cooperation with several other much larger funders, CEDARIA was born.

Unfortunately, most people still associate video games with violence. Battles, guns, wars, and mayhem, with the hero/player charged with killing aliens, creatures, monsters and other evil opponents.   More than half a billion people worldwide play video games at least an hour a day, so this sort of thing seems to speak to a deep human need. In Lebanon, says SFCG, 96% of youth play video games, most of them violent.

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