Many parents want their children to learn to code. Tech leaders and educators are pushing schools to add more computer-science classes, and families often see programming as an essential skill for the future.

But unlike reading to your children or teaching them to count, preparing children to code can feel daunting and unnatural. Many parents think they can’t help because they don’t know math or programming themselves.

Increasingly, though, parents who have never written a line of code are finding ways to teach their children basic programming skills. Some tap websites, gaming apps or online puzzles using visual programming languages designed for children. Others focus on teaching the kind of thinking that coding requires. For instance, even young children can learn how to break tasks into steps and perform them in order—a programming concept called sequencing—or to repeat a series of steps until a task is complete, a concept called loops.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.wsj.com

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