Australian higher education perpetuates inequality, and ATAR should be scrapped and university places recapped to help fix the situation. That’s the argument University of Canberra vice-chancellor professor Stephen Parker made in remarks to the TJ Ryan Foundation this week.

Parker’s comments came after a 2014 Australia Institute report showed the 20 per cent of Australian people with the most wealth are 71 times wealthier than the bottom 20 per cent. It also stated that the richest seven individuals in Australia hold more than the combined wealth of the 1.73 million households in the bottom 20 per cent. And the gap is widening.

The retiring VC said he believes Australian universities are part of a system that entrenches this inequality. Parker pointed to the fact that university graduates earn more in their lifetime, and that their children, in turn, are more likely to go to university than the offspring of those who don’t have a university degree.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.campusreview.com.au

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