Why is this happening?

No simple answer to that one. Blue-green algae is part and parcel of freshwater environments and not unusual over the summer and early autumn period but it’s unpredictable and we haven’t seen an event this widespread for some years.


Different types of algae favour different kinds of conditions. Some algae likes calm water with little or no wind and hot sunny days. Others like faster moving flows. Algae can also do well when water settles into layers. For example, a surface layer of warmer water which doesn’t mix with cooler, deeper water underneath.


Algae also thrives on sunlight, clearer water and lots of nutrients.

Get the right conditions for a while and blue-green algae cells (they’re actually a bacteria) will be present. If the conditions stick around, cells multiply and you get a bloom.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.mdba.gov.au

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