Digital Pedagogy Lab is a natural outgrowth of our commitment to critical digital pedagogy and the teachers, learners, technologists, and theorists we’ve served. The Digital Pedagogy Lab Institute was designed as a kind of apex learning and teaching event, where members of the networked Hybrid Pedagogy community could come together with people new to that community to collaborate, and to continue to define the field of Critical Digital Pedagogy. The Digital Pedagogy Lab Courses exist both to raise funds for the Hybrid Pedagogy Inc. 501(c)3 non-profit, and to ignite new thinking around subjects like teaching with Twitter, Digital Humanities pedagogy, peer-driven learning, and instructional design.

The Courses we offer are something very different than the work done by the Online Learning Consortium, the digital pedagogy tracks at DHSI and HILT, or the Distance Education Professional Development courses offered at UW-Madison. Each of our courses is an immersion in the language of teaching and learning, in the work of Critical Digital Pedagogy. Rather than offering courses and seminars on “best practices” for online learning, for instance, we offer the opportunity to inspect what happens when learning goes online. Outcomes for these courses are intensely practical but also emergent and find their scaffolding in participants’ conversations and collaborations. As well, we take care in the design of each course to leave space open for all levels of experience — with pedagogy, with the digital — and for learners at any stage of their professional development.

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