From admissions to jobs post-graduation, showcasing maker skills provides an edge in the competition—and now, there are apps for that.
From colleges’ and universities’ decisions to allow student “maker” portfolios in admissions, to companies eager to hire talent that can demonstrate creative, problem-solving skill, the maker movement is gaining traction in education…and in the app store.

The “maker movement”— the push to have individuals construct functional products that are recreated and assembled using unused, discarded or broken electronic, plastic, silicon or virtually any raw material and/or product from a computer-related device—has considerable traction in the K-12 arena, and is gaining momentum in higher education (e.g. MIT’s maker admissions) as demonstrable skills are becoming critical in a world grown tired of SAT scores and all-too-common bachelor degrees. Even the White House held a Maker Faire in 2015.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.ecampusnews.com

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