STEAM is the world. It’s not a class, a club, or an event. It’s the connection of learning with the world. We debate the letters and what they mean, we reduce STEAM to a time in school, and we even argue it’s relevance. All the while, STEAM is the world.

Good design? It uses every aspect of STEAM, without formality and without even thinking about it. 

You need art to make it meaningful, beautiful, connected. You need science to figure out how it will work. You need engineering to make it better. You need technology to share it with the world, improve the efficiency. How in the world did we get SO off track in our schools? How did we ever think these things were expendable?

We left science for teaching “next year when it’s tested,” we threw art out when budgets got low, we reduced math to a book for an hour a day. 

“We need STEM”!

 You know what we need? The time and space to get back to the heart of learning connected with the world. Authentic lessons where STEAM is integrated because it’s imperatively already built in. Assessment occurs because bright, intelligent teachers know from observation, discussion, and authentic reasoning where their kids are at.

 Don’t tell me about Finland one more time. Tell me what we can do TODAY to restore our schools to what our kids need. It’s not going to be a booklet, a handout, or program. It’s learning, and it’s time.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: krissyvenosdale.com

See on Scoop.itSTE[+A]M – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics


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