Claude Laflamme is not afraid to try out new ideas. Over the last 15 years, the professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics has been combining his passion for teaching with entrepreneurship. The result of his work is innovative teaching and learning tools now available to universities and colleges across Canada.

In 2000, Laflamme and fellow mathematics professor Keith Nicholson founded Lyryx Learning Inc., along with postdoctoral fellow Bruce Bauslaugh and undergraduate student Richard Cannings.

Lyryx works with authors to develop and adapt open texts, which are then provided to students at no cost. The open licences mean there are no copyright and cost issues, as material can be downloaded for free by anyone and posted on any website. The material can also be adapted as desired, as long as the material is attributed to the original creators.

After collaborating with a large publisher for several years, Lyryx is now its own publisher, and entirely committed to supporting Open Educational Resources (OER).

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.ucalgary.ca

See on Scoop.itOpen Educational Resources in Higher Education


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