Coding classes are springing up across the nation’s schools. The challenge? There are very few foundational courses that teach students the skills they’ll need to succeed in coding. And many teachers believe they lack the training to teach computer science.

Join us for this eye-opening webinar, led by Dr. Kecia Ray, Past Chair of the ISTE Board of Directors, a former district administrator for Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools, and a sought-after technology consultant and speaker in educational technology. Attendees will learn about the essential components of computational thinking, the critical foundation of coding. The live, interactive session will also introduce techniques and tactics for introducing these concepts and skills into core curriculum. Dr. Ray’s presentations at conferences are always standing-room-only. This is a unique opportunity to spend an hour with one of the profession’s brightest and most engaging experts. A Q&A segment will follow the presentation.

This webinar will benefit Grades 3-12 math, science/STEM, computer science, and career-technology teachers as well as library/media specialists and building and district administrators. Join us to learn how to add computational thinking to your curriculum!

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