Small size, great power! Microduino and mCookie bring powerful, small, stackable electronic hardware to makers, designers, engineers, students and curious tinkerers of all ages. Build open-source projects or create innovative new ones. 

All Microduino and mCookie boards are Arduino-compatible. Experienced makers can write their own programs in the Arduino IDE and transmit their code to the hardware via USB, while novices can take advantage of open-source Scratch programming to drag and drop pre-written code. 
 Microduino dramatically decreases the size and cost of design prototyping, improves usability and flexibility of Arduino-compatible boards, and enhances the user experience for any age with different skill level. 
 Microduino and mCookie modules, sensors and accessories are typically applied in idea realization, prototype development, low-volume production and etc.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.microduino.cc

Reasonably priced entry to IoT, coding and related digital technology work…

See on Scoop.itMakerspaces, libraries and education

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