Public universities could really use some help in sorting out how to use their digital content, technologies and practices to do a better job of interacting with their “customers” — students and families. Likewise, they’re making glacially slow progress on meeting the expectations of prospective students. Those findings come out of a sponsored survey that examined the current state of content management practices in higher education.

According to “Digital Transformation in Higher Education,” delivering “experiences” to education customers — above and beyond publishing content — remains “aspirational” for public universities. For example, people involved in content development — web managers, marketers and other decision-makers — know they should be doing more to engage prospective and current students. But they’re simply “overwhelmed by the everyday tasks associated with maintaining their university’s current web presence,” said co-author Marianne Kay, DCG analyst, in a prepared statement. “They find it difficult to evolve from content publishing to digital storytelling.” As the report noted, “They recognize the growing need, and they want to be able to respond. But cultural, organizational, and technology obstacles are significant.”

Sourced through Scoop.it from: campustechnology.com

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